In 2014 I organized a visit of the Danish designer Maria Berntsen with Kirah Design in Bolivia.

A "joint venture" of my work with Bolivian companies.

Trying my chocolate skills....and found out I am better at writing about it!

From the shop of Chocolate Baure, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, preparing  for a meeting. 

2009  in collaboration with La Estancia Argentina, I hosted different wine tastings in Coral Gables, Miami. 

From my participation in Fairchild Chocolate Festival, Miami , January2019


I have got a deep healthy and natural interest for food & beverages, especially wine, coffee and chocolate, but also strange combinations of Kombucha, salads, impossible food pairings.

Participation in different fairs like Natural Products, Baltimore 2016 and Anaheim 2018, Sustainable Brands, Buenos Aires 2017, Wine Fairs in Miami, London, Buenos Aires and Copenhagen.

Danish citizen, live in Miami, USA -for the second time - also lived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Argentina. 

Worked professionally with wine  and import of Argentine wines.

From 2013-2018 I worked as a consultant for  companies with a sustainable agenda in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

In 2019 I continue my work in US with marketing and sales for Chocolate Baure, a producer of organic chocolate bars made of wild growing and natural cacao beans in the Bolivian  area of the Amazon.



Teacher, a role I fulfilled during 10 years primarily teaching bilingual students in Copenhagen, Denmark. Certificates in business fundamentals and sustainable development from University of Miami and University of Leicester.

Interests (apart from food)

Music: Beatles, Tango, Neil Young. History and politics, good films and football matches.