Recommended Reading & Watching

I will now and then recommend relevant litterature. books, magazines, films or a piece of music if I find it sustainable.

Jonathan Safran Foer
William Curley

Nicolas Joly

How many times haven't we purchased a cooking book or been looking for one with the right balance of recipes and instructive pictures, and finally got home emptyhanded or perhaps with the best available option - now gathering dust at the kitchen shelves. 

When it comes to chocolate, I also waded through  several  book stores, until I found this excellent piece of mouth- watering and indulging chocolate book. It's by William Curley, a Scottish world class chocolatier with a long list of awards surrounding him. 

I bought my book in his now closed shop in Richmond, London, but his chocolates are still being sold in Harrods and online in the British capital. 


Documentary on Netflix about how we changed our view on food and agriculture, and why we need to change it back.

The film tells in a simple and humble way and pace the sad story of American agriculture and how it evolved to be based dominantly on profit. But the film also shows what happens when strong, determened people are fighting back to reestablish the almost forgotten pride of being a farmer. We follow several chefs and people from different parts of the food industry redefinite what is good food culture. Absolute recommendable with a good portion of hope for the future included!