Documentary on Netflix about how we changed our view on food and agriculture, and why we need to change it back.

The film tells in a simple and humble way and pace the sad story of American agriculture and how it evolved to be based dominantly on profit. But the film also shows what happens when strong, determened people are fighting back to reestablish the almost forgotten pride of being a farmer. We follow several chefs and people from different parts of the food industry redefinite what is good food culture. Absolute recommendable with a good portion of hope for the future included!

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Amazing film about what hunger and famine looks like in reality and how to plan out of almost nothing. The setting  is in rural areas of Malawi where first a drought, then inundation and then drought again play tricks on any kind of traditional planning. The story is built on a true story and has the British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor both as main male character and director. The film is shot in Malawi and Mr. Ejiofor learned himself the Malawian language of Chichewa for the role. It is also a unique depiction of how important  simple education is vital of survival.