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Chocolate - one of the latest poshy features in the gastronomy universe. 

Gone are the Kit-Kat, Milky or Mars bars days with sweet Swiss milky chocolate, replaced by dark, bitter, antioxidantic - healthy? - chocolate. As with the coffee, my aim is  to present chocolate stories worth a word or two.

Once we made a little "wild" experiment at the chocolate factory. We wanted to explore how Scottish smokey whiskey from the Islands, mixed with our dark chocolate went together. It was interesting how the mixture allowed both chocolate and whiskey to shine, and as a whole it gave an extremely powerful and delicate result.

Chocolate is an unstable little feller, it needs tempering - and the right tempering! - to secure the structure and the texture .


I found this weird mixture  at a Whole Foods store in Miami. Uncured bacon with dark chocolate!

I want to dedicate this sub category for a beverage I have become more and more obsessed by!

And I am not alone. The coffee craze has gone berserk, not only in the western world. In a country like Bolivia with no great tradtions for coffee consumption, the number of brands and producers every day increases. My idea is to present good sustainable and  funny initiatives from the coffee world.

Laptop & Coffee

Coffee and cafees have glory days around the world these days. A good nice cafe, and not at least the coffee itself, has become a key element when people chose their favorite spot where to study, hold a business meeting or socialize in a cozy environment. 

Such a place I found at La Colombe in Beverly Hills, LA, with a rustic, simple and yet light wooden design, including funny and odd elements of how to serve the coffee. 

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