La Paz

Although I did not live here and despite I always got sick of the high altitude, one of the greatest and unique settings I have ever seen is the city of La Paz/El Alto. 

Ubicated between 3.000 and 4.000 meters (10.000-13.000 feet) above sea level and literally a breath taking experience. The streets often with steep elevation grades of 20% and a mixture of  colourful Indians  still  dressed in the original  Aymara or Quechua clothings and cool Coyos (Bolivian slang for people from La Paz). Everything in a roaring atmosphere of cars, trufis, young boys hanging out of the busses  announcing the route and small kiosks and market atmosphere. 

Trying to hide the impact from the altidtude while posing at Gustu; a Bolivian food project/restaurant serving food & beverages only with Bolivian origins. Originally a project started by the Dansih food entrepreneur Claus Meyer.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

One of the promising results of the initiative of exploiting the vast array of Bolivian gastronomic options is the restaurant Ali Pacha. Thanks  to a very diverse topography and climate Bolivia is able to both serve tropical fruit, high altitude products like quinua besides chia, acai and a variety of nuts.

Jardin de Asia, restaurant with its hanging nests inspired by the Bolivian fauna.


I love this picture. Despite it  tells a  less promising story  of the fast growing (fast) food industry in Bolivia, it also shows how this tendency attracts Minonit families.

From the brilliant and vibrant street food festival in Santa Cruz, 2017