Denmark at its best, smorgasbord with all kinds of delicious and funny natural elements  - note the order number written on an onion! From Aaarhus, Denmark

Simple organic and original thinking when to design the childrens' area at the library of my natal town of Randers. 

At Lego House in Billund (not the amusementpark Legoland) you litterally build your own menu!

Apparently just a bridge crossing a highway. But, actually a beutiful example of a genuine nature friendly construction. The bridge in central Jutland was deliberately made to support the local wildlife whose animals needed to cross their once unharmed habitat. Therefore the grass upon the actual bridge. 

Each year  an increasing number of families welcome the spring time by greeting the animals' return to the pastures. In 2018 that number reached  230,000 - or almost four (4!)% of the entire population. And this despite temperatures  around 5 C / 40 F! Matching this percentage directly to the USA, would result in 13 millions participating...

Photo from Okologisk Landsforening.

Nowadays a sandwich for lunch  in most major cities of Denmark might look like this, served with many details of paleo, wild and organic inspired  elements, like here at Osterbro, Copenhagen.