Visiting the Street Food of Aarhus, Denmark with my family in June 2017.

I forgot time is running. This "Sledgehammering" album made by Peter Gabriel is from 1986.

This Sledgehammering album is  from 1986 - wauw as time flies!

We talk a lot about climate and sustainability these days. And more and more people also put some effort into the agenda. However, despite the buzz and attention, I have decided to spend the next xx months or years dealing with exactly this matter.  Why? The simple answer is: Because it matters. AND because it is more important than ever to promote and implement sustainable solutions in a world every day is a bit more complex due to the amount of challenges affecting our mutual co-existence. My uttermost wish and conviction for the future is that we can find sustained solutions in society, education and in business life.

I have chosen the simple and Peter Gabriel-inspired title, So for my blog and otherwise sustainable activities.

So, is this little word that indicates a reflexive afterthought before action or the right decision is taken.  Or the final word to end an inspirational pep talk. 


My contribution should be seen as a reaching out to build a bridge, a social call, and/or a political response to the many confusing or false statements which we as citizens of the world somehow tend to react to in counter-productive ways. During the last years, this unfortunate situation has most prominently been demonstrated by a populist and demagogical propaganda causing unnecessary insecurity within our societies.  

So, I will dedicate my writing to deal with sustainability, not only as a biological issue or the beneficial side affects of organic products, but focusing on sustainability in broader terms including everything that comes in its or my way.


I am also writing to demonstrate some really promising and hopeful action taken from people in places so different as Argentina, USA, Denmark and Bolivia. These are not four randomly selected countries, but countries where I have lived and still visit frequently. From these places in Europe and North- and South America, and from news and inputs by many sources linked to sustainable organizations and traditional news channels, I  see a movement seeking a sustainability agenda and taking serious efforts regarding the environment. A lot of these activities also have commercial and lifelong thoughts behind.