Gin & Tonic

Once upon a time Gin was a unique almost luxurious drink, which added with tonic water became the British empire's preferred cocktail  - well perhaps apart from Pim's or pints.

Nowadays,  the G&T you swallow not any longer necessarily will be from mother England. I have so far knowledge of Italian, Spanish, Danish and American gin producers. And often the gin consists of herbs and spices to add a nice variety of taste buds to the classic drink. 

Seen from a sustainable viewpoint, this is good news when you can get your G&T from within your own country or state. And when you furthermore are able to get an organic gin you might even take another one in good  conscience !

Bio Dynamic  Cab

American lovers of biodynamic wine do not have to go to France or Italy any longer. At Whole Foods you can get this Cabernet Sauvignon from California 

Getting "high" 

If your tolerance for altitude allows it, you can get this amazing drink with Jamaican flowers on top at the restaurant Gustu in La Paz, Bolivia. 

These Spanish rosé wines were only raw at the printed label. A good advice if you want it raw is to go through a special wine store who knows the wineries well.