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Chocolate Baure is a company producing high quality chocolate  based on wild growing cocoa beans from remote areas in the Bolivian part of Amazonas, close to the Brazilian border. The trees here have not seen (m)any human beings or cultivating tools like fertilizers during centuries. This is one of the reasons why Chocolate Baure products are born with the best and purest conditions for a good genuine high quality chocolate.



The company controls the whole operation from collection of beans to packaging – from bean to bar. It is done as sustainable as possible due to secure the environment. They therefore educate the local people to take care of their own and our global life source, which the Amazon is. The production generates an economic income for around 800-1000 families in the area.  


The cacao, also called Beniano Silvestre, is quite intensive in its taste and a rarity in the chocolate world. The chocolate is exported mainly to Europe, and is now present in the USA. All the products are organic certified, with only organic sugar added and no usage of emulsifiers.  

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